Shravan Gupta promoting MGF Metropolis an upscale mall, developed by the MGF Group

Around here world, Shravan Gupta is driving as a pioneer in the progression of Malls in the NCR, has reliably been a dedicated benefactor of the all out retail understanding, with the choicest entertainment, accommodating and distinguishing strength food outlets, and extraordinary brandishing decisions. He acknowledges that Malls should be neighborhood where people contribute quality and important energy with friends and family in complete comfort, consistently murmuring with enthusiasm.

MGF Developments is proficiently cutting-edge by Shravan Gupta an endlessly celebrated and extraordinarily respected name in the land region. The previous Vice-Chairman of Emaar-MGF, Mr. Shravan Gupta was the huge force in bringing the greatest FDI in land in India through the joint undertaking with Emaar.

‘Miraj Maximum’ the commended film watching experience in Delhi-NCR has been introduced in Gurugram at MGF Metropolis. MGF Metropolis is a standard Malls made by the MGF Group, progressed by Shravan Gupta.

Miraj Maximum from Miraj Entertainment truly reflects the best film going experience. Steady with its name, everything is most prominent: 26,000 square feet of room, a goliath screen, the truly advanced RGB Flagship Laser progressed projection system, premium seat seats with call secures and charging centers, and Dolby Atmos for a down to earth sound experience.

All around arranged and made to stand separated from the ‘me also’ structures that spot the area MGF Metropolis has a created space outperforming 10 lakh square feet, with practically 6 lakh square feet of retail space, 1 lakh square feet of office space, and halting spread across three levels. It executes the most perfect worldwide and Indian brands, consolidating with anchor stores


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