How Technology Benefits Real estate?



                                                  By Shravan Gupta.

Technology has come as a boon for real estate. In these times, it is critical for real estate to boom in the pandemic era. However, real estate is slowly adapting to these changes and incorporating them into daily lives. Today every single thing from selling to buying is done through websites or mobile applications. It has aided in boosting housing sales across India. 

This was a scenario that no one predicted. Shravan Gupta is very bullish about the trend and will boost sales in the long run. Some of these changes have proven more revolutionary and essential for real estate.


Vital changes in real estate.


Online search portals- Gone are the days when one had to visit physically to buy a new house. Today people prefer to search for homes online. Every relevant detail about the house can be found with a single click. Shravan Gupta feels this is a boon for builders as well as consumers. 


Most online search portals use tools like 3D virtual reality, Online consultations and Chat options. It is possible to get the option with a single click.


E-Signing- The trend for E-Signing is rising slowly in the real estate sector.  A buyer can sign the final document without physically visiting the builder’s office. Shravan Gupta says it saves time for builders and is beneficial for buyers as well. One doesn’t need to sign many documents and houses are sold more quickly. It is a path-breaking innovation that goes a long way in easing real estate. More and more companies are now approaching the E-Signing method for buying and selling of the house. 


Enhances productivity- The advent of technology has boosted the productivity of the real estate sector. It allows people to work for longer hours without any travel time. It has made it possible for a builder to showcase a new home through AI technology.  This has boosted housing sales by 15%. 


Cloud-Based technology- Cloud computing is making its presence felt in every domain.  Even real estate has not remained unaffected by this venture. Most builders use cloud-based networks to access the workspace from anywhere. Cloud allows builders like Shravan Gupta to answer the customer query from the comfort of home. It has been estimated that nearly 80% of property dealers have utilized cloud-based technology. 


Use of Bots- It is common for robots also known as bots to answer customer queries, show new properties and give details about them. The operational cost has become reduced and enabled more direct interaction between a buyer and a seller.


Technology is the ultimate future for real estate. Shravan Gupta believes it is the need of the hour to make it an integral part of real estate. In recent years, many housing apps have been launched like It shows the value of real estate in the coming years.




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