How has digitization helped boost real estate?



                                                By Shravan Gupta.



Mumbai: Real Estate of today is different from yesteryears.  Pandemic has worked both in favor as well as against Real Estate.  It’s thanks to the pandemic that real estate has got a boost.

Shravan Gupta acknowledges the power of the youth and its power in changing the way of house selling. Most people prefer to buy or rent homes from the comfort of their homes.


Digitization is the need of the hour, no sector is unaffected by it.  It is no wonder that Real estate has gone digital. It is slowly replacing the physical agents Today one just has to look at the website and find one’s dream home.


Fact 1- Online housing website.


Today there are a plethora of websites selling and renting houses online. Shravan Gupta spells out the changes in the selling of the house. A person has to list the property online and it becomes visible to various stakeholders across the country. It is no longer limited to one city. Now one can buy or rent a home anywhere in India. 


Fact 2- Emergence of AI.


Artificial Intelligence has made its presence felt in Real estate websites too. Shravan Gupta feels that AI is present in most websites that sell houses. AI has come as the saving grace for real estate. It helped in boosting the house rental and sales by 30% in the last fiscal year. Most homebuyers need to visit the website and find their dream home.


Fact 3- Video conferencing.


Shravan Gupta has highlighted the latest change in the way builders sell homes now. Gone are the days of a physical visit, now it is possible to know more about the house through a simple video call. It allows one to see the home and get their queries answered as well.


Fact 4- Sale through What’s app.


Some builders like Shravan Gupta are now opting for sales via the What’sapp app. It is easier as one can access potential clients through What’s app messages and promotional calls. It is not uncommon for one to get What’s app messages about a new property in mobile homes.


Most real estate magnets have now adapted to technology and its changes. It is common for every real estate magnet like Shravan Gupta to have a dedicated website informing clients about their achievements. It also informs clients about new projects. Hence, it is the need of the hour to embrace technology and make the business grow. 


It won’t be wrong to conclude that Digitization has come as the saving grace for Real estate. And leading to its ultimate boom.




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