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                                                    By Shravan Gupta.



Mumbai: It is going to be a transforming year for Real Estate. Experts like Shravan Gupta are optimistic about the future of Real Estate in terms of commercial and the housing segment. The factors responsible for new design in buildings are pandemics and WFH culture. Today buildings, be it in housing or the commercial sector are being developed according to the new designs. It is going to be a path-breaking change in the housing sector.


New designs have transformed the face of Real Estate.


  • Smart homes- In the past few months, the emergence of smart homes has been much in demand. The Smart home concept became more popular after Pandemics. A smart home entails having a separate working space in the same home. Shravan Gupta has incorporated the concept of smart homes in his new ventures. An ideal smart home needs to have fast internet connections for work from home. This is one trend which is bound to catch on in the coming months. Some builders also integrate touchless facilities like smart switches for turning lights on or off. This technology becomes more essential in office and retail complexes.

  • Use of green technology- Green technology is the need of the hour. Shravan Gupta is optimistic about these innovations in the buildings. Green technology is essential more than ever as a person lives and works from home. Today homes and office complexes have dedicated garden patios and terraces. It is vital for the person to have a relaxed mind and having green areas gives a sense of relaxation and calmness. In the future, we will see more such buildings.


Apart from our homes, workspaces are undergoing constant change. Most office buildings are made with ventilation in mind. This approach is different from earlier notions where air conditioning was crucial. Today builders like Shravan Gupta are making new office buildings that have:


  • A better ventilation system. 
  • Improved air circulation technology.
  • Use of air purifiers in the offices to improve the air quality.


These changes become vital in pandemic times. It helps in improving the health of employees and giving a relaxing space. Today most office designs have one window for air circulation. Some offices are being advised to minimize the use of Air conditioning as well.


Shravan Gupta is very enthusiastic about these innovations as it allows one to develop grandeur homes and office complexes. This trend is bound to continue till the end of 2022. It has come as much-needed relief to builders who now experiment with new designs. It has also led to an increase in the sales of new residential complexes.


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