5 benefits of availing of a home loan.



By Shravan Gupta.


Before buying a home one needs to think twice. It is wise for first-time buyers to understand the impact of home loans. Experts like Shravan Gupta hold a bullish yet positive view of housing loans. Today it is much easier to avail of a home loan facility than in previous years. Likewise, buyers are also realizing the benefits of getting a home loan. The year 2022 is going to be beneficial for the realty sector. Some market experts feel that renewed demand for home loans has given the realty sector much needed boost. This will turn out to be a gamechanger in future.


Shravan Gupta has stated the benefits of availing home loan. This will boost housing sales in 2022 making it a profitable venture. 


  • Affordable housing.


The advent of 2022 has shifted the focus back on the realty sector. The government and builders have acknowledged the growth potential of the housing segment. Shravan Gupta feels the government’s move to make housing more affordable with schemes like PMAY is fruitful. It allows anyone to avail of a home loan with ease of process with a simplified home loan process. PMAY is one scheme which finds the right beneficiaries. Affordable housing is the need of the hour.


  • Optimum Tax benefits.


When you go for a home loan, you are choosing to save your taxes. In 2022, this ambit has been further increased. It becomes even more attractive for a first-time buyer. Builders like Shravan Gupta are passing on tax benefits to home buyers boosting the housing sales. Hence, it seems a wise decision to invest in one’s own home.


  • Going for an under-construction home.


A home loan becomes cheaper if a person buys an under-construction home. Some banks offer home loans at cheaper rates till the actual possession of the home. Shravan Gupta says anyone who buys an under-construction home gets a larger tax benefit. The tax benefit is lesser when one buys a developed home in society. Some realty sectors also give extra space in an under-construction home.


  • Capital appreciation option.


It is beneficial to go for a home loan as the scope of capital appreciation expands over time. It is noteworthy to know that property prices will continue to escalate. This has the potential to surpass the actual home loan over time. Shravan Gupta says it also safeguards you against rising inflation and gives you a steady source of income.


  • Relief from rent.


It is very expensive to live in a metropolitan city. With housing rent increasing every year, availing of a home loan seems to be the optimum option. Shravan Gupta feels home loans seem high and needs optimum planning. Ultimately it gives a sense of belonging. It is also the best form of investment and an ideal option if one has to live in the same city.


The realty sector is on the boom due to an elevation in home loans. With such affordable home loans, it makes sense to be a part of this culture. It also brings a new ray of hope for builders.

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