4 reasons women are preferred homebuyers.


By Shravan Gupta.


Times have changed tremendously when it comes to property buying. Gone are the days when women were considered a liability in home loans. Such is not the case now as women have become preferred home buyers and most banks offer home loans with ease to women. It is not uncommon for women to become co-owners while buying a home. This situation is profitable for real estate giants like Shravan Gupta


The reason for the rise in women home buyers is attributed to factors and no social stigma. Today women are considered more financially stable than ever before. The top reasons for women as the preferred customer are:

  • Lower home loans.

Today women are more cautious and knowledgeable when it comes to finances. Most banks like HDFC offer home loans at a lower rate to women or if a woman is a joint owner. This makes it feasible to buy new homes at a cheaper price. The advent of the pandemic has also reduced the home loan and enhanced the focus on women’s empowerment. Shravan Gupta feels such a scheme holds tremendous value in future. It is also an excellent booster for women and their role in society.


  • Change in perception.

Till a few years ago, there was a stigma associated with women buying homes. They were not considered to hold a knack for finance and loans. But this perception has undergone a major change. Today women are more educated and empowered to understand the basics of home loans and to manage their finances as well. A change in perception makes it a favorable scenario for women and their role in the household. Women as a homeowner also enrich their overall value.

  • Attractive schemes.

Real estate has undergone a major change and women have emerged as new players in the market. Shravan Gupta feels the real estate market is more favorable to women than ever before. Most builders offer attractive schemes to women buyers. They also offer some extra benefits like low home loans and stamp duty to women. Some banks offer “harghar “ schemes in tandem with builders.

  • Preferred venture.

The choices of women have gone through a complete overhaul and so have their thinking. According to Shravan Gupta, today’s women prefer to invest in property rather than jewels. The reason for this choice lies in the fact that it’s an excellent avenue for investment purposes. Banks also offer a 2% concession to women. This has made real estate a profitable venture. When one owns a property it forms an ideal rental option.


In Conclusion:

The times have changed today and women becoming empowered is a sign of changing times. Shravan Gupta feels this is the right time to be a part of real estate.

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