2022 is going to be a game changing for MGF.




                          By Shravan Gupta.


India appears to be the new growth story in the making. MGF group has predicted that Real estate will be the new emerging market in the year 2022. This has made Shravan Gupta bullish about real estate and its optimum growth potential. When it comes to real estate, no one stands out more than MGF Group. It is a group that is poised to achieve greater heights in the coming years and become a household name. One may ask what makes them unique from other real estate companies. 

Shravan Gupta believes that real estate is at a vantage point. MGF Group offers a wide range of apartment complexes, houses and commercial complexes. It is bound to progress furthermore in the coming months. 


New growth projections:


According to Shravan Gupta, some vital factors responsible for new growth projections are:

  • Bullish projection- The World bank is bullish about the real estate market. Contrary to belief, Indian real estate is projected to grow at 5% by mid-2022. This has slowed slightly from the growth projection of 7.5% but organizations like MGF Group are bullish about it. According to market experts, 2022 is bound to be a competitive year for homebuyers.
  • Enhanced demand- The factor driving high sales in the Indian market can be attributed to elevated demand for new housing projects. This has been made possible because of WFH culture and the need for larger homes across all sectors.
  • Low-Interest rate- Today interest rates are very low making a direct impact on the real estate sector. Shravan Gupta feels that low home loan rates have made it a feasible market for first-time buyers. This trend is projected to continue for a few months.


Hence, it comes as no surprise that Real Estate is the 2nd largest sector in the Indian economy. Indian real estate has defied the world where new buildings and housing complexes are being developed exclusively. Shravan Gupta is bullish and upbeat about the Indian real estate market.


Future market trends.


MGF Group is bound to grow more in the coming months as it expands its outreach to tier-2 and 3 cities and new avenues. This has been made possible because of changes like:

– 100% FDI hike in the construction sector.

– An ease of transfer processing, exit route and relaxation in cities like Indore. Such change can be credited to the changes in the law.


In Conclusion.


It won’t be wrong to say that India seems to be the strategic place for investment. Most big names like MGF Group have started reinvesting in the Indian market and making world-class homes with the latest developments. Shravan Gupta feels it is the right time to invest in India and be a part of the emerging economy.


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